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I applied to the DCP a couple day after the applications opened. I didn’t really get a reply until early oct. And havent heard from them since. And they said they would let me know if they wanted to bring me into the internship. No online assessment, no phone interview, just an email on my fate with the DCP. The first time I applied I had gotten both, but the 2nd time I only got the phone interview, and now it was all just skipped in general.

I feel like I didn’t make it. And I probably didn’t. There are probably more worthy people for this and I’m obviously not one of them. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I’m not going to try again. I might, though, just go apply for a job there. I only live an hour away, I might as well. I just would’ve rather done the internship…

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My HOPEful Disney College Program Try out! (again~)

Hello there Tumblr! The name’s Symona, My friends call me Mona, if i had any friends.Please know that Ref. Any who, im trying out for the spring and fall term for the Disney College Program. And as they all say, Third times the charm. Yes, this is my third time trying out and i still haven’t given up hope! I only failed because i get really nervous on the phone and when i get nervous my voice gets shaky, im working on it! So basically if anybody has questions on interview questions or how to speak how to act anything about the interview process in general i’ll let you know how its like. 

Now i just have to wait till applying opens.

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hes so perfect i hate life


"hey can i ask you a question?"

"you just did ahahahahaha!!!"


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